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Explore the Gardens

Tranquility Awaits You

Take an inside look at the Garden, discover hidden plants, flowers, and  wildlife.


Rose Garden

The Rose Garden features 55 pink, red, and white knock out roses in an “S” pattern and continuous spring, summer, and fall bloom with June being the peak.

Guided Exploration

Hearthstone Gardens offers visitors guided tours daily, weather permitting. Join one of our experts to take an inside look at the Garden, discover hidden plants, birds, wildflowers, and so much more. Contact us if you would like to reserve a private tour or need a little extra assistance. Our team will be happy to accommodate you according to your needs and requirements. 

Treasures to Discover

Garden Map

To conserve the ecosystem, Hearthstone Gardens features plants that attract pollinators, birds,

and other wildlife.. The peace and tranquility the Gardens offer underscore our significant and

vital connection with the natural world. 

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