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Tranquility Awaits You

Treasures to Discover

Take an inside look at the Garden, discover hidden plants, flowers, and  wildlife.

Click on each section of the map below to learn more about our wonderful garden and all of our offerings.

Garden Map

To conserve the ecosystem, Hearthstone Gardens features plants that attract pollinators, birds,

and other wildlife.. The peace and tranquility the Gardens offer underscore our significant and

vital connection with the natural world. 


Butterfly Garden

A large variety of colorful perennials and annuals rich in pollen and nectar attract pollinators, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Winter rest promises spring profusion.


Rose Garden

The Rose Garden features 55 pink, red, and white knock out roses in an “S” pattern and continuous spring, summer, and fall bloom with June being the peak.


 Japanese Garden

A total change of botanical  pace and an injection of a culture known for its simplicity and tranquility, this garden is a North Florida interpretation of a centuries old tradition. This garden features conifers, maples, iris, bamboo, mosses, grasses. sand and gravel, lanterns and water features around the Koi pond typify Japanese tradition.


Nature Trail

The Hearthstone Botanical Gardens Nature Trail winds through the gardens' woodlands and meadows. The trail is made with railroad ties, which gives it a unique and rustic feel. Along the trail, you will find a variety of plants and wildlife, including cypress trees, maple trees, pine trees, royal and cinnamon ferns, wildflowers, and birds. There are also several benches along the trail where you can stop and enjoy the scenery.


Children's Garden

Central to the Children’s Garden is The Learning Center used for programs and workshops for children of all ages. The 20 x 12 gazebo is screened and operational year round. Come join in the fun at one of our children's programs.



Our workshops are broad and varied, though all garden related: seasonal decorating with on-site natural materials, seeding, pruning, propagating, photography, irrigation, fertilizing, garden design, casual flower arranging, and more.


The Pavilion

The Hearthstone Botanical Gardens Pavilion is a beautiful and spacious pavilion located in the heart of the gardens. It features a large deck with stunning views of the gardens and is the perfect place to host a wedding, reception, party, or other event. 


Midway Tropical Gardens

The midway tropical gardens are filled with lush greenery and colorful flowers, creating a tropical atmosphere that is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The winding paths and quiet benches provide the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Mirror Lake

The Mirror Lake at Hearthstone Botanical Gardens is a beautiful, tranquil spot that is perfect for reflection and relaxation. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, and its calm waters perfectly reflect the surrounding trees and flowers. It is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

Guided Exploration

Hearthstone Gardens offers visitors guided tours by special request.  Join one of our experts to take an inside look at the Garden, discover hidden plants, birds, wildflowers, and so much more. Contact us if you would like to reserve a private tour or need a little extra assistance. Our team will be happy to accommodate you according to your needs and requirements. 

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