Scarecrows in the Garden

Oct 16, 2021

9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Rain Date Oct 17th 1-4 pm

Scarecrow Pageant Contest



  • Children and Youth Groups

  • Adults and Families

  • Business and Organizations

Scarecrows must be constructed to withstand the elements and be appropriate for family viewing.

Drop off scarecrows Friday Oct 8th or Saturday Oct 9th between 9am and noon.

Have your name and phone number firmly attached to the back of your scarecrow. Scarecrows will remain on display until Festival Day Oct 16th

The public will vote and prizes will be awarded at noon.


Building a scarecrow is fairly simple. You will need a frame, clothes, stuffing and accessories.

YouTube has some videos or a Google search will bring up several instructional sites.

Need some inspiration? Think about a scarecrow that represents your Club, Business or Organization. or a scarecrow inspired by your favorite movie, book, singer, or hobby. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest

  • Frames: 2x4's, pvc pipe, tomato cages, old broom handles or something similar.

  • Stuffing: Hay, straw, styrofoam, fiber fill, plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap. Newspaper is not a good choice as rains will make it lose its shape and become very heavy.

  • Heads: Buckets, milk jugs, plant pots, stuffed pillow cases or fabric.

Festival Day


8 AM Bird Walk with John Middleton.

Fun Activities

  • Hay Rides

  • Scarecrow Face Painting

  • Bake Table

  • Cake Walk

  • Hot Dogs

  • Photo Ops with a Scarecrow

  • Kids Crafts

  • Games

  • Raffles

  • Plant Sale